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Khamis, 13 Ogos 2009

Reina: Alonso will be missed

Jose Reina believes Liverpool will struggle to replace Xabi Alonso after describing him as a 'fabulous conductor'.

Real Madrid finally captured midfielder Alonso in a £30m deal following a long-running transfer saga.

The Reds have signed Italy international Alberto Aquilani as a replacement, but Reina admits the void left by his fellow Spaniard will be difficult to fill.

very astute

Reina said: "It is very difficult to find a player like Xabi. He is like a fabulous orchestra conductor on the pitch.

"Of the central midfielders in the world it is very difficult to find one as complete as Alonso.

"He can do everything. He can play short passes, long passes, he heads it well and he is tactically very astute."

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